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New PAC App

The PAC App is ready for download! Just go to the App store and search for Pelican Athletic Club. iPhone and Android versions are both available.
App Features:

  • Class Schedule
  • Program Information
  • Account Information including balance, transaction history, check in history, related accounts, and past statements.
  • Passbook feature which allows you to download a virtual membership card which will appear when you are close to our building which can be scanned to check into the club.

We welcome everyone, members and non-members to download the PAC App. Without logging in to the App, there is a Guest Feature which has information about PAC, the ability to view our classes, and a Try Us feature that is sent to our membership office.
The User Name and Password for the App is the same used to log in to your account on our website. Much of the same information, including class schedules and account information is found in both places.

If you have not established online access before, the instructions are on our website and below:

  • Click on the LOGIN button, located on the far right corner of the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  • A new page will open and request user name and password.
  • If you do not have a user name and password, click forgot user name/ password.
  • A new page will open; enter the email address associated with the main account on file with PAC. (If your email address does not work, try entering the address in ALL CAPS.)
  • At this point, after entering your email information, the program may ask for your member number (the number associated with the main account, not your scan card number.) Enter it at this time. This should prompt you to change your user name and password to something you can easily remember.
  • However, after entering your email information, the program may alert you that a temporary user name and password has been sent to your email account. Follow the instructions on the email and login in with the temporary information. This should prompt you to change your password to something you can easily remember. Once your password has been changed, if you would like to change your user name then, click the HOME button in the top left corner of the screen. Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION button and then, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button on the right side of the page. (If you change your user name you will have to change your password, again.)

If you do not know the email address on file with PAC, your member number, or if you need assistance logging in contact: PAC Business Office: 626-3706 M-F, 8-5 or stop by the Membership Office.

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