Biker Barre

This class consists of timed Intervals alternating on and off the bike with Barre toning exercises. Through the use of motivating music, you will tone and build strength using Barre isometric exercises while increasing cardiovascular conditioning on the bike.

Pedal Party

A high energy 45-minute spin class with upbeat rhythm-based choreography.  In sync with the playlist, you will experience intense bursts of work followed by short periods of recovery. This will challenge your physical limits and encourage you outside of your comfort zone while having a great time doing it!

Pure Spin

Burn calories and build endurance in this fundamental classic spin class where all levels are welcome. Get your heart pumping while you pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and timed intervals. Each class will guide you through proper form, RPM ranges, resistance levels, and heart rate parameters giving the tools you need to maximize your ride.


HIIT spin uses alternating intervals of high-intensity speed work and resistance ladders in and out of the saddle. This cardio explosion with its high energy music mix will boost your metabolism and torch calories while you enjoy the ride. HIIT 30 is a 30-minute version of this class.


Indoor cycling rides to the rhythm of powerful music. Class is set to exciting music Tracks and choreographed to provide an excellent workout and improve cardiovascular conditioning.

Spin Sculpt

This class has all the elements of our classic spin class but also works on toning your upper body. The last 15 minutes incorporate resistance training to sculpt arms, back, and chest.

Spin Strength Intervals

This class is a cardio workout combined with resistance training to build strength. You will experience timed intervals alternating on and off the bike incorporating various resistance equipment, body weight, and plyometric exercises. Spin shoes are not recommended for this class.

Spin Inferno 600

This 45-50 Minute challenging fitness ride is for beginners as well as seasoned riders. This ride combines high intensity and steady-state intervals that will maintain the upper end of aerobic zones and push through your anaerobic threshold. A big calorie burn, come enjoy the ride that will drive you towards your fitness goals.