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We are making learning to swim a lifetime of enjoyment


Safety is the main reason for learning to swim. PAC’s program will o?er your child a safe start in life! We emphasize proper techniques and give special care to correct breathing, body position and good swimming strokes. The PAC Swim Lesson Program is our beginners program that will provide your child with swimming skills and a safe start for a lifetime of healthy water activity. Our highly trained instructors are gentle, responsible, and understand the unique aspects of teaching children how to swim. Each coach and instructor has demonstrated a true commitment to the success of your swimmer.

email: Aquatics or call: 985.626.3706

We offer lessons in the heated 8-lane pool at PELICAN ATHLETIC CLUB.

Indoor lessons take place at a climate-controlled facility in a heated saltwater pool at Premier Pain Center 7015 Hwy 190 Covington, LA


4:1 Student Teacher Ratio
Age 3 and older
The group dynamic is great for kids who thrive watching and working with peers.

1:1 Student Teacher Ratio
ALL AGES & LEVELS (beginner-advanced) Four 30 minute sessions
The ultimate lesson package with a one-on-one instructor.

Semi- Private
2:1 Student Teacher Ratio
ALL AGES & LEVELS (beginner-advanced) Two students share four 30 minute sessions You have a two-to-one student/teacher ratio. This is perfect for lessons with friends or siblings.

Mommy & Me
4:1 Student Teacher Ratio
Age 6 months - 2 years
This class is to get children to adapt to the water experience. Children must be accompanied by a guardian in water.

Ages Vary * Class is only o?ered in Summer Can’t do 7 weeks of summer league because of vacations? Try 2 weeks of competitive lessons instead.

2018 Swim Lesson Brochure

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