New Year’s Eve           7:00a.m. –    3:00p.m.
New Year’s Day           7:00a.m. –    12:00p.m.

Eve Parade

Orpheus Parade

Lundi Gras*


          4:45a.m. –    4:00p.m.

          4:45a.m. –    4.00p.m.

          4:45a.m. –    4:00p.m.

Mardi Gras Day                   7:00a.m. –   12:00p.m.
Good Friday*           7:00a.m. –    7:00p.m.
Easter Sunday CLOSED
Memorial Day*           7:00a.m. –    7:00p.m.
4th of July*           7:00a.m. –    7:00p.m.
Labor Day*           7:00a.m. –    7:00p.m.
Thanksgiving Day CLOSED
Day after Thanksgiving*           7:00a.m. –    7:00p.m.
Christmas Eve           7:00a.m. –    12:00p.m.
Christmas Day CLOSED

*Holidays when last Group Exercise class @ 12:00 p.m. & Playland and YAC close @ 1:00 p.m.