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At the heart of the Pelican Athletic Club is the desire for our members to find a home away from home. Not just a place to come in for a quick workout, but a place to spend the day poolside with the entire family, play tennis with old friends or new ones, or relax with a glass of wine.

Pelican Athletic Club offers a wide variety of fitness options to build a fun, motivating routine. Unlimited classes are included in membership to keep variety in exercise routines–or find a favorite class. We are also the only club on the North Shore to offer complimentary Specialty Fitness Classes such as CrossFit, MetStrength & Burn to our Members.

Now is a great time to visit the club and see everything we offer. We think a Pelican Athletic Club membership is the perfect way to keep working towards living your best and longest life.


We’re all about creating fun for the whole family, from grandparents to infants. Our family-friendly events take place throughout the year, and most events are open to members and their guests. Watch a movie under the stars, or spend a poolside afternoon enjoying some BBQ–there’s fun for every family at Pelican Athletic Club.


Pelican Athletic Club is as much about community and belonging as it is health and fitness. We believe active, social, people lead happier & healthier lives.  Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram, also check out our latest Blog.  We even publish our own magazine.  You can pick a copy up at the club or at area restaurants and grocery stores.  And … every member receives a monthly email with highlights of our programs, new exercise classes, upcoming events, and just anything new happening at the club that month. Please subscribe to our e-news.

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“There’s nothing better than the community at PAC. You’ll find us here every day. We’ve made so many friends. My children love to come here. They don’t want to go to summer camp, they want to come to PAC.”


It doesn’t feel like a gym. It’s a one stop shop for literally everything. You can workout, sit by the pool, have a cup of coffee in the cafe with your friends. It’s a hub for socializing and being healthy. My children come here and play here. I have met a ton of new friends. We go out together, we lean on each other. Our children are treated like family. Your kids are our kids. It really feels like home when you’re here.


“What brings me back to PAC is being a part of a community that my children have made so many memories at each year. The kids love the Splash Pad. They love coming out here and playing with their friends that they’ve had since they were little babies.”


“I can tell you a million things I love about PAC! It’s not just a club, it’s a family place. It gives you all the feelings inside the moment you walk in. My wife loves it. My kids love it. My kids have been coming here since they were born. The people are very honest, friendly and helpful. They’re family. They know me here by name, not just a number. That’s how I would describe family.”



Whether it’s our industry-leading tennis instruction, innovative group fitness classes, restorative spa services, exceptional social activities, or even a delicious meal, every place you turn at Pelican Athletic Club there’s something to get your heart rate up. We have the best of everything, all under one roof.