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Charlie Hoolihan, Director of Personal Training

Charlie is the Director of Personal Training and a jack of all trades in the health and fitness industry. With over 35 years experience he helps individuals maximize their strength and conditioning potential in a wide variety of training situations regardless of age, ability or physical limitations. Charlie is not only a multifaceted trainer but a well creditable one too. Since 2005, he has presented a wide variety of topics for five national fitness and athletic training organizations and written numerous articles for three different national fitness trade journals.

“Try to find what works best for you in accomplishing your goals. Everyone has different health, fitness and nutritional needs requiring a sound and educated approach for success.”

Specialties Include:

Triathlon Training | Rehabilitation | Seniors | Strength Training | Sports Performance | Youth Training | Weight Loss | HIIT

Certifications: CSCS, PES, CES

Phone: 985.966.9594

Bill Foster

At the early age of 12-year-old Bill wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a personal trainer. With years of experience and a background in the U.S. Navy Bill is no stranger to training. In his off time, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his Grandson.

“Workout with passion and intensity and enjoy the results.”

Specialties Include:

Strength Training | Muscle Growth | Core Training | Body Weight Training | Functional Training

Certifications: AFAA, NASM, NESTA

Email: zzfoster@bellsouthnet
Phone: 985.630.3385

Robin Charpentier, Personal Trainer

Robin is a happy go lucky person, always smiling, and will definitely put you in a good mood. She strives to help other people feel confident in their skin leading to an all around happier, healthier life.

“ Find something you enjoy doing! Don’t worry about what worked for other people. If you find what you love and enjoy you are far more likely to keep doing it. Consistency is key, then before you know it, it’s your lifestyle.”

Specialties Include:

Rehabilitation | Strength Training | Weight Loss | Women’s Exercise

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, LES MILLS BODYATTACK, LES MILLS RPM, 200 hour yoga

Phone: 985.686.9477

Mary Beth Hoolihan, Personal Trainer

Mary Beth has over 12 years experience as a personal trainer and strives to help other improve their health. Being on the State Champion Basketball Team in High School gave her an appreciation for fitness. When she is not training she teaches restorative and power yoga.

“Strive for balance in all aspects of personal wellness, including mind-body connection.”

Specialties Include:

Rehabilitation | Strength Training | Corrective Exercise | Stability Training

Certifications: NASM, CPT, NASM Pre-Natal Training, RYT

Phone: 985.630.3210

Kim Leblanc, Personal Trainer

Kim has over 36 years experience in the Health Industry. She became a trainer to share her knowledge of health and to help others with their exercise routines. With her warm personality she makes her clients feel comfortable and confident in a gym setting.

“In order to develop better health and strength, ease your way into a fitness routine that you can manage and keep.”

Specialties Include:

Rehabilitation | Seniors | Strength Training | Weight Loss | Women’s Exercise

Certifications: AFAA

Phone: 504.214.8691