Regardless of your expertise level, our aquatics facilities are fun for the whole family.

Pelican Athletc Club has an extensive aquatics program with two large junior olymic sized pools and a small wading pool. The pools are laid out in the midst of a beautiful pool deck with easy access to locker rooms, PAC Cafe', fitness floor and tennis areas.

PAC offers recreational and lap swimming, along with various free aquatic exercise classes. Looking for more? We have many water-based programs to fit all your aquatics need for lessons to technique, endurance and competition.

Our swim team has been nationally recognized for many of its achievements.You will find more information about our Swim Team under our Competitive Swim tab.

When you're not in the water, take advantage of our Poolside Café.

PAC Aquatics Program offers:
Group Exercise Aquatics Programs
Swim Lessons
Endurance Programs
And More

Pool Lane Schedule

Pool Hours

The following hours will be in effect from the beginning of September - to the end of May.

Monday - Thursday 5:00am - 9:30pm
Friday 5:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 7:00am - 6:30pm
Sunday 9:00am - 5:30pm

Dear PAC

What our swimmers are saying?

just want to be sure to pass along a big THANK YOU for the wonderful swim team program you lead. It is our great joy to have our 2 boys as part of the seasonal and summer teams. We have seen our kids grow not only their swimming skills but also their confidence & determination all while having a ton of fun. They truly look forward to swim team practice!
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My name is April Blanchard. I am Ava Blanchard's mom. Ava joined the PAC swim team this summer and has Coach Ian. I have been meaning to write you this for a couple weeks now, but time has just gotten away from me. But better late than never! I just wanted to tell you what an asset Coach Ian is to the PAC Swim team. Ava is 10 and has loved swimming since she taught herself how to swim at about age 4. She is shy and this is the first time she has joined any kind of sport. She talked about joining the swim team for a few years but was too nervous. She finally joined the summer league this May and was placed with Coach Ian. To say she was nervous the first day of practice was an understatement. After practice, I asked her how she liked it and she said it was fun but she would only go back if she gets "the nice guy" again as her coach.

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I wanted to send some feedback for you from our first month with the team. We've really enjoyed the style at PAC and are very happy with our choice thus far. The biggest thing for XXXXX with the change is learning her new coaches styles and probably a bit of testing to see who lets her get away with doing the least amount of work at practice at times.

In that vein, I have to tell you that Coach Bailey has thoroughly impressed us as one of her coaches. He's a standout in his ability to call her out on her 'laziness' and to challenge her to be better.
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