Joshua Curry

Joshua Curry is the Youth Fitness Coordinator and a certified personal trainer through NSCA, certified Olympic lifting coach through USAW, and is an avid kettlebell enthusiast. He currently leads PAC’s PASS Varsity program and he developed the Foundations program for young children. Josh has a passion for self-education and consistently pursues new research in our field. He specializes in speed training, injury recovery and prevention, busting myths about health and fitness, and odd-implement training like logs, sandbags, and macebells. To get a feel for Josh’s style of training in a group setting attends one of his Metabolic Strength classes or Burn classes!

Specialties Include:

Athlete Training | Kettlebell Movements | Youth Training | Power Lifting


 LSU, 2014, Kinesiology, Level I Olympic Lifting Coach, NSCA-certified personal trainer