Natasja Theriot

Natasja Theriot is a wife, home-schooling mother, Air Force Veteran, and weightlifting lover. When she isn’t working on her personal weightlifting goals, she teaches MetStrength and Youth Foundations classes, and helps others in the gym. She believes in all aspects of health and wellness and strives to instill that belief in everyone she encounters.

Certifications: BS in Health and Wellness, NASM Personal Training, Weight Training

Will Celestine

Will is always learning different things from others, both trainers and clients. I am always willing to learn something new in different areas of the fitness field and train those who want to be a better version of themselves through working out and the educational side of fitness. 


BS in Kinesiology |  ASFA

Charlie Hoolihan

Charlie is the Endurance Edge Coordinator and a jack of all trades in the health and fitness industry. With over 35 years of experience, he helps individuals maximize their strength and conditioning potential in a wide variety of training situations regardless of age, ability, or physical limitations. Charlie is not only a multifaceted trainer but a well creditable one too. Since 2005, he has presented a wide variety of topics for five national fitness and athletic training organizations and written numerous articles for three different national fitness trade journals.

“Try to find what works best for you in accomplishing your goals. Everyone has different health, fitness and nutritional needs requiring a sound and educated approach for success.”

Specialties Include:

Triathlon Training | Rehabilitation | Seniors | Strength Training | Sports Performance | Youth Training | Weight Loss | HIIT



Kim Leblanc

Kim has over 40 years of experience in the Health Industry. She became a trainer to share her knowledge of health and to help others with their exercise routines. With her warm personality, she makes her clients feel comfortable and confident in a gym setting. Kim also has her NASM Senior Fitness Specialist certification.

“ In order to develop better health and strength, ease your way into a fitness routine that you can manage and keep”

Specialties Include:

Rehabilitation | Seniors | Strength Training | Weight Loss | Women’s Exercise


AFAA Group Exercise, NASM Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Laine Cox

It wasn’t that long ago, Laine went from almost no physical activity to making it a part of her daily routine. The benefits in both Laine’s physical and emotional health have been remarkable, and she wants others to experience those same benefits. Laine strives to put people on the path of incorporating daily exercise in their routine that will lead to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life!

“ If you have time to complain, to binge-watch Netflix, to check social media, then you have time to set goals, to work out, to make a list of things you are grateful for, and better yourself.”

Specialties Include:

TRX | Weight Loss | Strength Training



Joshua Curry

Joshua Curry is the Youth Fitness Coordinator and a certified personal trainer through NSCA, certified Olympic lifting coach through USAW, and is an avid kettlebell enthusiast. He currently leads PAC’s PASS Varsity program and he developed the Foundations program for young children. Josh has a passion for self-education and consistently pursues new research in our field. He specializes in speed training, injury recovery and prevention, busting myths about health and fitness, and odd-implement training like logs, sandbags, and macebells. To get a feel for Josh’s style of training in a group setting attends one of his Metabolic Strength classes or Burn classes!

Specialties Include:

Athlete Training | Kettlebell Movements | Youth Training | Power Lifting


 LSU, 2014, Kinesiology, Level I Olympic Lifting Coach, NSCA-certified personal trainer

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